Dr. Lianli Gao (高联丽) from UESTC!


I'm a Professor at School of Computer Science and Engineering, UESTC. I'm a member of the CFM Lab.   I obtained my PhD degree in Information Technology from The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, under the supervision of  Prof. Jane Hunter  and  Prof. Michael Bruenig. I received my BS degree in Computer Science from UESTC, in 2009. 

My research ranges from Semantic Web, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision (Images and Videos), NLP, Knowledge Reasoning, Knowledge and the related practical applications etc.  Specifically, I am mainly focusing on integrating Natural Language for Visual Content Understanding. 

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  • [CFP]Special Issue: Integrating Vision and Language for Semantic Knowledge Reasoning and Transfer, Paper Submission: August 1, 2019. [Link]